Hold Onto HOPE

12 August 2014 Blessings

Tweet HOLD onto HOPE The Storms of Life Will Pass and the Sun Will Shine Again! For those struggling with depression and pain and trauma in life – I want you to know I have been where you are and as we all reel from the loss of another human being – whether that be […]

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Good Morning! Day of Blessing!

15 August 2013 Blessings

Tweet Good Morning! Day of Blessing! OK So just what does that mean? Day of Blessing! What is a BLESSING? We will start there… God’s favor and protection. A prayer asking for such favor and protection. This is the BLESSING that I want for you this day and every day that you would walk in […]

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A Mother's Love

12 May 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet I wanted to start this blog off not just telling you who I am, what I do or what I can do for you. Instead, I want to tell you WHY I am the way I am. I was fortunate enough to be raised by a mother, father and grandmother who always taught me […]

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