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You know before I met Cyndilu Miller, I thought for sure my life of receiving Blessings was at a halt. I am a single mother of six who had a daily routine of: Get up, Eat Breakfast, Home School the kids, Eat Lunch, Finish Home Schooling, Bible Study, Eat Dinner, Clean up the house, Showers, Prayers, Go to Bed, then start the day all over again. Then I met Cyndilu who showed me where my Blessings in this daily routine of mine were, as well as showing me how to find more Blessings daily as I walk through this world. Now I welcome my days with the honor and Blessings of being a single mother of these six beautiful children that I am able to train up as young men and women to be Blessings to others whom cross their paths. So if you want to see where/what a True Blessing you are I suggest you get in touch with this AWESOME WOMAN of GOD and let her lead you to your Blessings.

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