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“Who is Cyndilu” you ask? What’s her story?

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Today, Cyndilu lives a life as an Artist. She is an Author, Singer: Sing-Speak, Photographer: Graphics for Encouragement. Focusing on the Blessing of God and living the Real Pro Choice Life (her upcoming book). This was not always so, the only girl in a family with three brothers – she did her best to keep the peace. After suffering through being violated from the age of 3 to 16 Cyndilu gave up dreaming, her life became one of reacting to all that was happening to and around her. She was discouraged and fighting emotionally to stay alive and her children (5 children on earth and 1 in heaven) were her saving grace in more ways than one. Now, she writes, sings and using her own photography creates quote graphics to share the exciting news that there is HOPE in LIFE and you can dream again even after major trauma and death! It could be the death of a dream, a business, a pet, a loved one, a baby by miscarriage, abortion, or loss of life or ability to hope and dream for any other myriad of reasons. Cyndilu hopes that through her blogging and sharing her life that you will find inspiration and HOPE beyond your wildest imagination! In person you can also experience the LIFE-Giving Gift of Sing-Speak: spontaneous song to speak encouragement and life straight into your body mind and spirit!


NOTE: Cyndilu now has four brothers – the fourth came along the same year Cyndilu moved out of the house – when she was 17. Her mother had her last brother just two months before the birth of Cyndilu’s first son. The story of being pregnant at the same time as her mom is one that she will blog about sometime. Sharing a close bond with a mom that most daughters do not get to experience – and so grateful for the hands on training of a newborn for two months before her own baby arrived too.
More of Cyndilu’s Story is shared here and throughout the posts on this ZealCircle.com site as well as her creative design site at designbycyndilu.com – Cyndilu looks forward to sharing the journey with you and would love to lift you up in prayer and thoughts so share your comments below or on her facebook page. facebook.com/Cyndilu.Blessings

More of the story – written by Cyndilu to you! –

Loss, defeat, distrust of others, abuse, neglect, and trauma seemed to be a regular part of life. During seasons of calm in my life I would search out others who needed to be rescued when really all I wanted was to be rescued myself! Little did I know that it would be in learning the power to choose LIFE that I would find my redemption, joy, and freedom that I so longed to have.  A depression so deep and dark that the only thing I can recall from one six month period was being curled up on the couch whenever I was not needed for direct care of my children. So grateful that despite the turmoil that I was going through my 5 children on earth are full of love and a blessing in my life, to each other and those around them.

Coaches and Mentors Have Changed My Life!

In 2007/2008 my friend Trudy introduced me to one of my coaches and mentors –  Dani Johnson. The 5 plus years since then have been a journey of healing and restoration that is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Meeting Dani in person in 2010 accelerated my personal change; through in person group coaching I have learned that we are DESIGNED with a PURPOSE!!! A DESIRE deep within burns with passion and fire to help and BLESS others! And that DESIRE is my DESIGN by the MASTER – a DESTINY to BLESS others! I want to help you learn to receive Blessing, give Blessing, and BE a BLESSING! The best way that I have found to do this is to SHARE and SPEAK LIFE!
A huge thank you and whoohoo!!! goes out to Sandi Krakowski and her team of coaches and great client care specialists!!! 2013 has become a year for swift change and becoming more focused on goals that have been in my spirit for a LOOOOOONNNNNG time! They are now coming to fruit because I have being encouraged to #BEMORE, #BEMYBEST and I am encouraging others now to #SHARELIFE and #SPEAKLIFE Wow!

How my business has changed after partnering with Sandi Krakowski!

Prior to connecting and partnering for my training with Sandi Krakowski – I was struggling to talk to as many people as I can – dropping followup conversations and just feeling overwhelmed with the world of Network Marketing and Internet Marketing – totally knowing that it could be done but just not finding a way to get there. Moving to New Zealand has caused a need for some changes in the way I do business.  I went looking for training for how to blog effectively, as there are many trainings out there I went looking for something that would be in line with my message. Partnering with Sandi Krakowski helped me to align my thoughts with the core of my being. So here you are now reading an updated bio cause I wanted to share a bit more about me and my journey!

Love to stay connected with you!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and I look forward to connecting with you more in the future. To stay in contact via email and get updates on new posts, please go and register on this site – It will be exciting to stay in contact with you!

Want to learn more about my Graphic Design, Photography, Sing-Speak or ASEA? – See you at DesignByCyndilu.com
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