Trudy’s Tips

The Water Offering

29 May 2013 Trudy's Tips

And all I did was give him water – it cost me $2 and the time to get up and go stand in line, I did not know that I would get it back in a blessing, a 100 fold blessing right away came into my life. SO many people are closed off to any kind of encounter with someone that they are not sure of. Tuned out by cell phones, computer, headphones, non communicative things, avoiding eye contact with people. If only they take a moment and engage how different we would all be…not so self absorbed, self contented, self…self…self.

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Patience is a Virtue…Unless – more than 36 hours of no sleep!

1 May 2013 Trudy's Tips

Tweet Yes… being tired, being thrown into a situation in which you have to be an example of patience and good attitude. WOW how many of us find ourselves so TESTED at times. I had a  whirl wind trip to Puerto Rico for a conference for my job, the trip started out great , excited, […]

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My Day with New Life and the Awe of the Creator!

8 April 2013 Trudy's Tips

Tweet Today I got to spend some quality time with a nice friend of mine who I haven’t seen for about 10 months. Since that time she has officially become a farm in Vermont. I am so excited for her and all that she is doing, she is an extremely gifted woman with a good […]

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My DAD taught me…Character!

3 April 2013 Trudy's Tips

Tweet   My dad was a Navy man in WWII stationed on the USS Springfield with 1200 other guys. My mom and him were friends with a lot of  family connections so they wrote back and forth while he was away. I am sure establishing a solid friendship, they got married when he came back…hence […]

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What Kind of CROWN would you wear!!!

30 March 2013 Trudy's Tips

Tweet WHAT If all of a sudden…U, were made a King or a Queen, and this meant you could pick your CROWN to wear.   There are three, 2 are extremely beautiful with many the sparkling stones and all that glitters, there is a lot of gold and silver to adorn the shape of each […]

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Circles are Everywhere…Never Ending

28 March 2013 Trudy's Tips

Tweet CIRCLES …everywhere you look you will see them. They are infinite, never ending. Circles of Light, multi-colored facets of substance and matter, dispelling the darkness in a split second, so instantly that we take it for granted that its always there. There are ORBS of light that show up in photos and can also be […]

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