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What one person had to share about what she's reading in the bible today!

31 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/31/2013 Today I am posting this little bit that was posted on facebook it was so profound I wanted to share it with you all! So Enjoy this reflection! I am sure you will enjoy it! Sue Barrett Sundstrom Hi! Okay, I am towards the end of Deut, and beginning of Luke. Luke has […]

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Wow! Can you even imagine… I read this story yet still… do we really know?

28 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/28/2013 Last night I had progressed to the story of the great flood in the GREATEST BOOK ever written… Wow!!! So exciting to be sharing the journey through this book with others… What a BOOK! What a STORY!!! Wow!!!

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In the Beginning…

19 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/19/2013 God created the heavens and the earth!!! Whoo hoo! what a glorious thing this earth that we live on and how exciting it is to be sharing a part the journey on earth with you! So looking forward to sharing insights and ahas along the way as we read the WORD of GOD […]

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Next Step – Start Reading!

17 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/17/2013 Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? Whether this is you first or your fiftieth time through the Bible from Cover to Cover it is always the journey of a lifetime! New revelations are waiting for you! New JOYS and New Discoveries – Ah ha moments and times of just pausing […]

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Preparation Day! Read Bible in 180 Days

16 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/16/2013 Choose your reading plan! YOU may if you have the YOU Version Bible on your iPod, iPhone or iPad or other electronic device choose to do the following plan: Or you can choose from one of the two plans pictured here! If you are using YOU Version the start and end dates […]

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