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How to Make Life Changing Decisions by Becky Weliczko

21 July 2014 Posts Inspired by Treasured Friends!

Tweet I read this and just had to share it with you! Every now and again I read a post or a note put up on facebook and think wow! That one so goes along with my message. And this next “essay” was just that way. Since I knew the author I wrote and asked […]

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A Spring Morning Poem for YOU!

15 April 2014 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet Here is the Poem Recapped! Good Morning! to YOU! Good Morning! to YOU! May the Light and Love Of the Creator GOD  be With you this day in all YOU do and say and in Every path you walk may YOUR way be clear and Bright and May each step Be filled with JOY […]

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Life Sometimes is a Mosaic Formed by Trauma and Healing!

29 March 2014 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet A Mosaic Life of Healing! Have you experienced shattered dreams? Where things have not been exactly as you had hoped they would be? Then this graphic is for YOU! God takes HIS Spirit applies it to YOUR LIFE and it forms a glaze to fill in the brokenness and give your life a shining […]

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