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Cyndilu’s BrownSugar and Molasses Scottish Sponge Bread

31 August 2014 Healthy Family Choices

Tweet Scottish Sponge Bread – Recipe Warning – this recipe a 2 day process!!! For the first 12 to 16 hours the sponge ferments with no additional attention required; then it is made into the larger dough, which rises twice, for an hour each time. The dough is then divided and shaped, allowed to rise […]

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Hold Onto HOPE

12 August 2014 Blessings

Tweet HOLD onto HOPE The Storms of Life Will Pass and the Sun Will Shine Again! For those struggling with depression and pain and trauma in life – I want you to know I have been where you are and as we all reel from the loss of another human being – whether that be […]

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Ever Look Around You and Wonder – How did “THAT” Happen?

25 July 2014 Healthy Family Choices

Tweet Ever Feel Like Everything Around You Is Exploding? It would be really easy to just avoid this subject all together! Oh how there have been times in my life when I just wanted to run from what I had done. From what I had allowed to happen while I stood by frozen by fear […]

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Safely Calm Your Child in the Bath Before Bedtime!

13 April 2014 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet Did you know? You can overdo the lavender treatment to the point of making your kids sick? Here’s a safe remedy for calming kids down, especially at bedtime and won’t hurt them at all… Take a fresh tangerine and grate just the zest of it off and put some in a sachet bag or […]

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