About Us!

There are two of us that started this page –

About Cyndilu          About Trudy (coming soon)

We wanted to have a place where people could blog – share the passions of their hearts and offer people great products and services without pressure or intimidation. We want to serve the community that GOD has blessed us with online and we are happy that YOU are a part of it.

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Cyndilu’s Public Figure Facebook page or it can be found at http://www.facebook.com/Cyndilu.Blessings

or you can connect with Cyndilu on Twitter or go and sign up at https://twitter.com/cyndilumiller

Looking forward to connecting with you and serving you too!

Trudy’s Facebook page or go over and friend request Trudy directly at http://www.facebook.com/trudy.george1?fref=ts

We are both here to serve you and we will either answer your questions or help you to find someone that has the knowledge you are looking for!

May YOUR day be FULL of the LOVE of GOD in ALL you Do! Blessings!!

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susan mccann July 26, 2013

I know I said I would look at your site tomorrow but couldn’t wait to take a look, so I am here now. I have Tweeted out a link as I love your site and what it stands for. Please feel free to email me. I don’t really use facebook much, but will take a look at that next week.


Cyndilu Miller July 21, 2014

Susan! Thank you… I can not believe how long it took for me to respond to your comment! LOL I may have replied before but that is not hear now so! Thank you so much!!! and hey we are still days away from it being a year ago! LOL! Hope that ALL is well with you! Blessings! Cyndilu


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