Meeting up with friends! Online and Offline! Yes!

by Cyndilu Miller on October 7, 2014

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Enjoying Food with Friends is Great Fun!

Picture of Sushi, Carrie and Cheryl whom I had dinner with on the 6th October 2014

It was such fun meeting Carrie and her mom for dinner tonight!

Meeting Facebook friends that you have only talked to online is even more fun! These next few weeks is going to be full of that for me. Some say that we are less connected due to social media – I wrote about that yesterday. I say, however, that considering I met one friend today and will meet at least one more maybe two more before the end of this week, that it is how you choose to use this tool that is the key. You have the option to choose to make the screen your focus and think that the people live inside the screen – this was thought by many in the beginning of television and still you will find young children thinking that. As we mature though we learn that real life is the people around us the people we talk to each and every day!

Don’t get me wrong I totally believe that the friends on Facebook are as REAL as you choose to allow them to be. Once you have been friends for a while if you get a chance and you are passing by their area – send them a PM (private message) and request to meet up for a coffee or a meal! It is FUN! And you learn more about the people and deepen the connection that you already had online!

May your days be filled with positive influences both on and off line and may you this day #ChooseLife when you are talking to people on Facebook and talk to them as if they are REAL friends cause in most cases that is EXACTLY what they want to be!

Have a great day!



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