Using the Screen to Keep In Touch for REAL!

by Cyndilu Miller on October 6, 2014

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Are You Keeping In Touch with Your Friends for Real

I just watched this and Wow! Even though much of this may be true for many people I think that it can be done differently too! Watch this and then keep an eye on this blog for follow up posts…

Social Media is like any other form of communication it is what you do with it! It is how you use it that makes it a tool that brings you closer or keeps you apart. Are there some times in life that you need to unplug? YES!! Absolutely!

Prince Ea is correct – allowing technology to control you is something that can happen in this world where everything around us is advancing and moving to new technology faster than we change our socks! And just like your socks which you take off at night there are times when you need to PUT IT DOWN! Take off time – stay in touch with your friends and connect in person when you have the chance! I am living full time now in New Zealand after growing up and spending the majority of my 50 years in the USA. So, you can imagine, I have many friends that live in the USA and I use Social Media and the screens in my life to keep in touch and follow what is happening in my friends lives – a LOT!


I am right now on a trip in the USA and I have been blessed with the opportunity to drive around this great country and I am going to visit as many of those friends as I can on my journey! And guess what??? SOME of them I met through Facebook or Twitter alone! For real! I have made REAL friends that I have NEVER met in person before but this next 4 weeks I will be meeting them and connecting with them, sharing meals with them and even staying at some of their houses – I will be seeing old friends some of which I would NEVER have kept up with or even knew where they lived without the benefit of the tools that are inside the screens of my life! I am so excited to be sharing this journey with my friends and with you!

Follow me on my journey as I blog and share my time Connecting with Friends, Family and NEW friends too! You have a #Choice how you will live your life, how you will use the tools at your fingertips and how you will share your life with others! I pray and hope that this journey inspires you to put down your electronics when you are with someone and embrace the moment you are in and decide to #ChooseLife!




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