Are You In Need of a NEW Day Experience?

by Cyndilu Miller on October 5, 2014

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Good Morning! Today is a NEW DAY! A Day to BEGIN again!

Are you like me? Do you need a New Day Experience? A day to see a the road in a new way to know that no matter what happened yesterday its ok because that is over. It is past, gone by, not coming back again! We have shifted from living in the memories of yesterday to living in this present moment of today! Right now! This very moment, this very second even!

What does it mean to have a new day really? Let’s look at the pure physical aspects of a New Day.

The Sun rises again…

The Night is over and gone and the darkness gives way to the light of the new day dawning.

There is a new song in the air as the birds come to life after their night season.

I encourage you now to seek out the light in your life! Realize that the night only lasts for a short season and open your heart, mind and body to release the song that is within you!

In the light of the new day we find our peace and a renewed sense of joy!

Enjoy this: YOUR NEW DAY!






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