Hold Onto HOPE

by Cyndilu Miller on August 12, 2014

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Hold Onto Hope - the storms of life will pass and the sun will shine again!

If we could only see beyond the Storm!

The Storms of Life Will Pass and the Sun Will Shine Again!

For those struggling with depression and pain and trauma in life – I want you to know I have been where you are and as we all reel from the loss of another human being – whether that be a friend, family member or actor who is in the news most others will not be televised and talked about and discussed around the globe – but friend they are there they are real! And but for the GRACE of GOD go I  – that is one saying that I have learned to say along my journey of a life full of pain and trauma – and I will cling to that… for the GRACE of GOD is my ONLY true HOPE! And when there is HOPE there is LIFE! Life ends with the loss of hope not with the ending of breath.

It is your choice to make and I pray that you will #ChooseLife! Robin Williams and many others yesterday did not… if you are reading this and feeling hopeless know that there is one you can cling to and it says HE will stick closer than a brother but it will mean you must cry out to Jesus – and it is that name you must call out – no other name under heaven carries the same power when the cry comes from a humble and yielded heart and spirit.

Robin Williams died tragically but praying that this post will help save anothe life!

You were one funny dude and we will miss you!

There is HOPE! There is a LIFE that is through the storm clouds and on the other side and the SUN will SHINE again in your life! I don’t know who on this page or with whom you may share this is dealing with the struggles of pain and depression but I know if you are reading this then there is a GOD that LOVES you and at least one person on this earth that also thinks you are SPECIAL UNIQUE and AWESOMELY Designed!!! and that would be ME – yes even if I have never met you!!!

I still know that GOD made ya and HE LOVES ya and that is ENOUGH for me to love you too..It is the GIFT that I have gained through a life of pain, trauma, death, destruction, lost dreams – I know people hurt and they do things that are not what their hearts truly want to do just because they don’t know how to escape the pain!

YOU are LOVED!!! know that right NOW dig deep into your spirit and cry out and know that YOU ARE LOVED! I will be reading ALL comments here so if you are hurting please just post a :( and I will be praying for YOU and lifting you up that you would come to KNOW the GRACE that has carried me through and set me FREE to LOVE and ENJOY LIFE! This is waiting for YOU on the other side of that dark storm you are in!

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