May 2014

Changing the Lens in the Eyes of Your Heart!

28 May 2014 Blessings

Tweet 8 Keys to Seeing Yourself as God Sees You! 1. God created us in HIS image – so get to know what the character and image of God is and you will find that it is love, justice, and faithfulness! 2. God is with you and wants you to have a share in all […]

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Take Steps and Keep on Loving!

27 May 2014 Blessings

Tweet Taking Steps to Free Yourself – Blessings for Everyone! Sometimes we need to walk away from something – we need to step into a new belief or a new way of living. Take smoking cigarettes when we quit smoking sometimes we need to remove ourselves from an environment where smoking is happening. Do we […]

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Expectation – What does it lead to?

8 May 2014 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet How it All Began! I posted the following graphic on my facebook page and got a couple of comments. This quote and the comments made me realize that I am not sure about something! At first glance I thought yes, that makes sense and then as I thought of it later I was not […]

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Thank you LORD for YOUR WORD is Faithful and True!

4 May 2014 Blessings

Tweet Sing-Speak and Speaking too! This is the Day that the LORD has Made! Let us Rejoice and BE Glad in IT! This is the hour to stand tall! Its a time for standing its a time for walking and its a time for dancing with and for the God of Heaven! Singing is so […]

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Awesome! Molecules coming to Down Under!

4 May 2014 Uncategorized

Tweet       This is an exciting day for ASEA and for the Awesome Molecules Team as my beloved and I relocated 18 months ago to New Zealand! Whoohoo. Read more…

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