March 2014

Life Sometimes is a Mosaic Formed by Trauma and Healing!

29 March 2014 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet A Mosaic Life of Healing! Have you experienced shattered dreams? Where things have not been exactly as you had hoped they would be? Then this graphic is for YOU! God takes HIS Spirit applies it to YOUR LIFE and it forms a glaze to fill in the brokenness and give your life a shining […]

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Leaning on the EVER present GRACE of the LORD!

28 March 2014 Uncategorized

Tweet OK – so yesterday was so FULL I never got here to blog! But I am BACK again today!!! Whoohoo… Listening to my husband declaring Deuteronomy over our household wow! What a joy to be married to this man! A true blessing from heaven and to think that I said… nah when it was […]

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Things I thought I knew about GOD! LOL

26 March 2014 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet How BIG is GOD anyway? GOD is Waaaaayyyyy BIGGER than ANY BOX my mind can imagine!!! OK it’s been 23 hours as I come to post this and I am so grateful for GOD in my life and I know that HIS power which is made available for me to tap into is possible […]

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My Friend and Yet!

25 March 2014 Blessings

Tweet Prose by Cyndilu My Friend and Yet! In the recesses of the email system you live! To my heart each time I read your messages do you give… a lift, a light, a way through the night! Who would have ever thought… That we could be so close and not be in sight! That’s […]

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Tend Your Seed Unto Life!

24 March 2014 Blessings

Tweet Tend Your Seed Unto Life! The Rose bush is cut back at the end of the summer season… and sometimes it may even appear that it is dead, that it has been killed off by this pruning. In reality the plant is being put into a state of REST and come the Spring time […]

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Who says Algebra was a waste of time?

2 March 2014 Design By Cyndilu

Tweet Here is a little logic problem I just worked out. Hope you have fun following my logic! Blessings

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