February 2014

Standing Out as a Faith-Based Leader!

16 February 2014 Life Design by Cyndilu

Tweet We are on a journey! One Thing I Have Learned These Past Five Years! My beloved, Robin James Miller and I are on a journey to become the best leaders that we can be. Have we done it perfectly – NO WAY! Are we determined to keep going no matter what our failures are […]

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I am gonna try this! yum yum! Spelt Bread!!

12 February 2014 Life Design by Cyndilu

Tweet This was from a friend Kayla Howard! Connect with her on facebook:¬†http://www.facebook.com/KaylaHowardBiz Here is her post! Post by Kayla Howard. When someone asked her for her recipe this is what she had to say: Okay! I don’t really have recipes…but this is what I remember doing! LOL1 cup softened butter2 cups toasted oatmeal (toast […]

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Whoohoo! What a Wonderful GIFT this is! Please Watch and Comment…

10 February 2014 Blessings

Tweet Have you ever felt alone? When I watched this video this morning I thought of my own parents and how wonderful it was to have a loving home to grow up in. It was not without its challenges and life was not always perfect and sometimes it was even scary – but overall as […]

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Life Testimonials from working with Dani Johnson!

1 February 2014 Blessings

Tweet Meeting Dani Johnson Changed my LIFE forever! – Thank you GOD for sending her with a message of HOPE! Another bit of my story… Prior to hearing about Dani Johnson – I was a miserable divorcee being swallowed up in a wave of debt struggling to keep her head above water and working 3 […]

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