Shut the Door!!!

by Cyndiluhu on January 1, 2014

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SHUT the DOOR!!!

I have to Admit when I first heard this I thought immediately of my cousin who when she hears something that is unbelievable she says, “Shut the Door!” So it was kinda funny to me… but then it got REAL! I have had some things said to me over the years that frankly hurt me and I just let them roll off my back… I THOUGHT!!! but they rolled right down my back and into my SPIRIT! They have held me back from pursuing some of my dreams cause OTHERS thought we should not think that way or they could not understand how anyone would want to be or any number of other little comments…

Over the years I have not let go of the thoughts or the battle that has ensued between what I thought GOD wanted me to do and BE and what others thought was possible or RIGHT! Well 2013 on the VERY last day of the YEAR I found freedom and I said I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! and my SPIRIT said YES to the statement of it is time for ME to SHUT some DOORS of WRONG THINKING!!! To FREE myself from LIMITING BELIEFS and THOUGHTS of I AM NOT ENOUGH!

The GREAT I AM is saying to ME I have MADE YOU with DESIRES that are YOURS to FOLLOW to PURSUE to RUN HARD AFTER!!! Even if others do not understand it is my time to RUN now! But I could not RUN while being CHAINED to my old thoughts! So… HERE is the BEGINNING of SETTING my SPIRIT FREE to walk into my FULL DESTINY! and ALL that GOD has CREATED ME TO BE!!!! Wow! This is giving a whole new meaning to just BE! – (But that in yet another post!!!)

I am SHUTTING the DOOR on the thoughts that its’ NOT OK to be FAMOUS!
I am OPENING the DOOR to walk as a CHILD of the KING with WHATEVER level of FAME HE has created ME to BE!

I am SHUTTING the DOOR to the feeling that my LIFE’s JOURNEY has NOT looked the way I THOUGHT it would be!
I am walking through this journey with GOD’s LOVE and THANKING HIM that ALL THINGS work together!!

I am SHUTTING the DOOR on the thoughts that I have to be PERFECT to be LOVED!!!

I am SHUTTING the DOOR! and I KNOW that GOD is going to OPEN DOORS that I NEVER even DREAMED could BE!I am sure I have LOTS more DOOR SHUTTING yet to be done… but this is a GREAT START!!!

Love to hear your comments below as to things you might have to SHUT the DOOR on!

NOTE of GRATITUDE: THANK YOU GOD for sending Sandi into my LIFE!!!! Through her teaching for blogging in business I have found FREEDOM! I LOVE the way your work GOD! Using the foolish things of this EARTH to confound the Wise! YAY – and Whoohoo!


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Julie Hanson February 21, 2014

Thank you Cyndilu for this message. It leaves much to meditate on as I felt it speaking to me as well.


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