December 2013

Take Every Thought Captive – There is HOPE!

19 December 2013 Blessings

Tweet Do you ever feel like you are not good enough? Like the temptations in your life are flooding in so fast that you can not get out of the way of the flood? There is hope! There is a way that is higher and where you can be made NEW – Thoughts come and […]

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This was too GOOD not to share it with YOU, too! Are YOU on the ‘RIGHT’ road?

13 December 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet Here is a post that I shared with a class group and as you will see part way through I realized it is a definite thing to share here with YOU on my blog! Enjoy!! This pic: Here we have a path that we came across while hiking in the woods and we could […]

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Transition is Fun! Balclutha is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wanna see some? Look here…

9 December 2013 Uncategorized

Tweet When I came to New Zealand with my beloved over a year ago little did I know just how much I would LOVE the beauty that I would find here. Here are a few samples… let me know do you agree? is this not one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen?? […]

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And the beat goes on… Not quite a Burpee… its a Whoohoo instead :)

4 December 2013 Uncategorized

Tweet Yes, that is really me! That is really the way I am! That is really how much fun I have just being ME! Hope you enjoy this quick little video of my journey to a perfect Burpee!!! YOU will note that the journey has significantly changed shape… but I am going to keep moving […]

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A day of REST from Everything! including this journey but back at it today!

2 December 2013 Uncategorized

Tweet Yep that is some title but this is more a journal of my journey than anything else so you will have to forgive as I talk to myself a bit. Ok so it would be so easy to get discouraged and just quit this journey all together and say this body of 51 years […]

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