November 2013

Well not going as planned but!!!! still moving and doing something…

30 November 2013 Uncategorized

Tweet So… I started this challenge that was put out there by Rayven Michelle to do these 30 Burpees for 30 days… well… I did it ALL wrong to start out… one might think that would make me quit right there! NOPE! Then…Even with the ASEA in my body I was still somewhat sore – […]

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Oh my I got that all wrong!!! Thank goodness there is GRACE!

29 November 2013 Design By Cyndilu

Tweet OK so yesterday I started this Burpee challenge thanks to my friend Rayven Michelle – and I discovered after completing them 10 regular and 20 modified that I was doing it all wrong! BUT is that gonna stop me! NO! Thankfully my journey here is not the challenge of doing the 30 a day […]

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Are you seriously going to do this?

28 November 2013 Design By Cyndilu

Tweet My body needs an overhaul to be fully able to walk in the Design that the LORD made me to be – Design by Cyndilu is progressing and things are coming together and I am designing not only graphics and photography but I want to also design my life the way I would LOVE […]

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