May 2013

The Water Offering

29 May 2013 Trudy's Tips

And all I did was give him water – it cost me $2 and the time to get up and go stand in line, I did not know that I would get it back in a blessing, a 100 fold blessing right away came into my life. SO many people are closed off to any kind of encounter with someone that they are not sure of. Tuned out by cell phones, computer, headphones, non communicative things, avoiding eye contact with people. If only they take a moment and engage how different we would all be…not so self absorbed, self contented, self…self…self.

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a Song of Blessing

29 May 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

How many times in our life do we think we know the plan, think we have it all figured out, just to find out that nope – another dead end road. Oh Father GOD thank you that even in that YOU are there and guiding and directing our path that we would not get there and just quit, or give up. As I have turned my life back to you each time that I have failed and walked away – still were YOU there GOD waiting for me to turn and run towards you! Always when I turned did you run to meet me where I was at! What a mighty GOD you are!

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22 May 2013 Juliebugg Creations

Tweet TAKE A STEP, WALK, RUN , DANCE! WHOO HOOO!! Have you felt stuck? Have you felt trapped? Have you felt like you have done all that you know how to do ? I don’t know if i can even explain this… But I feel a break through happening in me and in my life…something […]

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Blessing of Laughter

18 May 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet They say that laughter is the best medicine and I’ve always found this to be true. Sometimes you can’t help it when bad things happen and sometimes you’re even in a bad mood for no reason at all. A little bit of laughter goes a long way in these situations! You may just need […]

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Can Anyone Worship the Lord ?

17 May 2013 Juliebugg Creations

Tweet A certain man recently asked this question to some Christians on a social site: ” Do you allow gays and lesbians to worship with you, do you allow them to preach and testify, what does the bible say about them, and wht does the holy spirit advise us to do?” This is how I […]

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Warning! Laughter Alert!!! Watch this…

15 May 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet Ladies have you ever had a man say… you are just exaggerating… it can’t hurt that bad… – well this is going out to you!!! Enjoy – however, I will forewarn you… tears rolled down my face, stomach ached, and throat is sore… yes all this from laughing – I have NEVER in my […]

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A Mother's Love

12 May 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet I wanted to start this blog off not just telling you who I am, what I do or what I can do for you. Instead, I want to tell you WHY I am the way I am. I was fortunate enough to be raised by a mother, father and grandmother who always taught me […]

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9 May 2013 Juliebugg Creations

Tweet   Fabulous Adventure In Trusting Him I have many stories to tell about my journey through living a life in Faith. To me Faith is living a life of trust in God, knowing that he is true to his word and that he will never fail me, faith is learned through God proving himself […]

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What Inspires YOU to Write? to Dream? to Go a Little Further?!

6 May 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet My friend Daryl Niemczynski took this photo and it inspired me to write a little ode! I wanted to share it with you and let you know that if you are anywhere near Rogers, Arkansas and you needed a photographer – he would be a great guy to connect with. He has a special […]

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did you see this on

2 May 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet Ms Cyndilu Miller….what can one say about her?? She is a wonderful person to work with. She helped me in the editing of my book. It was an awesome experience and I really don’t think I could have done it without her. She paid attention to every detail. She listened to how I was […]

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