March 2013

Happy Resurrection Day!

31 March 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection day and that this song is a blessing to YOU!

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What one person had to share about what she's reading in the bible today!

31 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/31/2013 Today I am posting this little bit that was posted on facebook it was so profound I wanted to share it with you all! So Enjoy this reflection! I am sure you will enjoy it! Sue Barrett Sundstrom Hi! Okay, I am towards the end of Deut, and beginning of Luke. Luke has […]

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What Kind of CROWN would you wear!!!

30 March 2013 Trudy's Tips

Tweet WHAT If all of a sudden…U, were made a King or a Queen, and this meant you could pick your CROWN to wear.   There are three, 2 are extremely beautiful with many the sparkling stones and all that glitters, there is a lot of gold and silver to adorn the shape of each […]

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Wow! Can you even imagine… I read this story yet still… do we really know?

28 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/28/2013 Last night I had progressed to the story of the great flood in the GREATEST BOOK ever written… Wow!!! So exciting to be sharing the journey through this book with others… What a BOOK! What a STORY!!! Wow!!!

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Circles are Everywhere…Never Ending

28 March 2013 Trudy's Tips

Tweet CIRCLES …everywhere you look you will see them. They are infinite, never ending. Circles of Light, multi-colored facets of substance and matter, dispelling the darkness in a split second, so instantly that we take it for granted that its always there. There are ORBS of light that show up in photos and can also be […]

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Our First Posts!!! Learning Simultaneously… whoo hoo!

27 March 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet We are attempting to learn something at the same time. It is amazing how difficult it can be to explain what we are doing!!! Too funny! Yay!! We finally got on the same page! This really is fun!!! Just wanted to let you know how happy that we are to have you visiting this […]

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This is a Testing Blessing! Whoo hoo

26 March 2013 Cyndilu's Blessings

Tweet Learning how something new works can sometimes be a bit of a challenge… so now we are on our way and you are riding along for the ride… of course since many do not know this site exists not many of you are riding!!! But hey… fun anyway.

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In the Beginning…

19 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/19/2013 God created the heavens and the earth!!! Whoo hoo! what a glorious thing this earth that we live on and how exciting it is to be sharing a part the journey on earth with you! So looking forward to sharing insights and ahas along the way as we read the WORD of GOD […]

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Next Step – Start Reading!

17 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/17/2013 Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? Whether this is you first or your fiftieth time through the Bible from Cover to Cover it is always the journey of a lifetime! New revelations are waiting for you! New JOYS and New Discoveries – Ah ha moments and times of just pausing […]

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Preparation Day! Read Bible in 180 Days

16 March 2013 Read Bible Cover to Cover

Tweet 03/16/2013 Choose your reading plan! YOU may if you have the YOU Version Bible on your iPod, iPhone or iPad or other electronic device choose to do the following plan: Or you can choose from one of the two plans pictured here! If you are using YOU Version the start and end dates […]

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