September 2012

I admint it… I took this from my husband's fb page today!

25 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/25/2012 This just seemed like it fit here on this page so here you go…  Enjoy! and Walk in the BLESS of GOD this day! GREAT GRACE Great grace abundantly blesses me , fills me and empowers me each and every day. Gods grace (His undeserved love, unmerited favor towards me and divine influence […]

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Blessed ARE… where do you see/find yourself in these words?

24 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/24/2012 This is one of my favorite stories of the bible that talk about those who are blessed! May you find yourself within these words! Matthew 5:2-12 And opening His mouth He began to teach them, saying, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are those who […]

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Thank you LORD for the BLESSINGS of others in our LIFE

22 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/22/2012 Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are they positive thinkers? This is a list of what some folks that I choose to surround myself with said about me once upon a time in Dec 2012 in Dallas – if you would like to meet some of these same people and be blessed by […]

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Don't you know who you are?? by Mary Howard!

20 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/20/2012 Where do you find your identity? In your work? In what others say about you? Your friends? Your family? Your reputation? Your academics? Your hobbies? Your struggles? Your weaknesses? Your addictions? Don’t you know who you are?? I am created in God’s image. (Genesis 1:27) I am a child of God. (John 1:12) […]

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Blessing for Healing!

17 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/17/2012 As we have been walking through restoration following a surgical procedure for my beloved husband – we have not been posting as often but YOU have been in our thoughts and prayers. Knowing that you may be dealing with a health crisis or know someone that is I wanted to share this with […]

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A Poem for YOU! "Wings to FLY!"

12 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/12/2012 Photography and Poem by Cyndilu © 2012 Thank you to Robin Kalayjian Hazerjian for giving me the title to this pic and inspiring this piece of poetry to come out through the vessel called Cyndilu! May you each enjoy it! Blessings

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The Blessing of a SMILE!

10 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/10/2012 The other day I was going to get on the Light Rail public transport here in Phoenix AZ area I smiled at a guy getting off and he said thank you for the smile it was the FIRST one he had seen all day!!! and it was like 10am!!! and I know he […]

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Just for fun! Enjoy!

10 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/10/2012

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Wow! The Glory of God displayed in a Song… LOVE IT! Blessings to NZ today!

6 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/06/2012 Oh the GLORY of GOD in a song for a Nation that I am growing to love more and more…. I start my day and end my day with these words: May they bless you too! Just think about the declarations of BLESSING that are all through this song! No matter where you […]

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The Blessings Continue! – Hope you had a great Labor day weekend!!

4 September 2012 Blessings

Tweet 09/04/2012 Getting back to living and loving… oh wait been doing that all weekend long… LOL! The weekend training with Jeff Usner at the ProfitHub Bootcamp was a TOTAL BLESSING to so so many! If you missed it click on Jeff’s name to watch a great video about a book he is giving away […]

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